PTA Teacher Appreciation

 The PTA Teacher Appreciation Fund allows families to donate to one central fund to honor Stamford's fabulous faculty. While helping parents to cross Teacher's Day, holiday and year-end teacher gifts off of your to-do lists, most importantly, it enables our school community to acknowledge all teachers together. This includes those who may ordinarily miss out, such specialist and support teachers, teaching assistants and secondary school advisory and subject teachers.  

All parent contributions are used solely to thank our teachers for their tireless work in helping our children reach their full potential. While participation in the Stamford Teacher Appreciation Fund is voluntary, we hope you will consider making a contribution below or in person at any of the PTA events throughout the year. 


The Stamford PTA will collect contributions for the Teacher Appreciation Fund throughout the school year.  The PTA will use the contributed funds to provide activities and treats such as: 

  • Teacher parties and other events
  • Roaming coffee and tea cart visits
  • Christmas and Teacher Appreciation gifts 

All funds received in the Teacher Appreciation Fund will be used by the end of each academic year.


1. Using your banking app enter the UEN: T10SS0068JPTA”, enter the amount you would like to contribute or you can

2. Scan this QR code below using the online banking app on your mobile:

The suggested annual contribution is $20 per child at Stamford, but we welcome contributions of any amount. We hope this is an easy way for you to show our teachers how much we appreciate all they do for our children each and every day!


PTA学校家委会要求家长自愿捐赠每位孩子新币。这些钱的使用仅仅是为了感谢为孩子们孜孜不倦工作的老师们,专业教师和助教。捐赠款可以通过现金,银行转账,Paypal ,和支票的形式捐赠。有关付款详情请参阅学校网站浏览更多细节。


PTA理事会では任意によるシンガポールドルの寄付金を回収しております。お預かりしました寄付金は専門科目及び補助教員を含む学校内のすべての先生方の日々のたゆみない努力に対するご父兄の皆様からの感謝を示すために使われます。お支払い方法といたしましては、現金、銀行振り込み、Paypal、そしてチェックを受け付けております。詳しくは "をご覧ください。